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Business Succession Planning

Have you prepared for the successful continuation of your business after your death? You're probably thinking that there's no problem with the corporation itself actually continuing, but rather, what kind of existence it will be. Will your heirs need to liquidate the corporation to obtain money to pay estate taxes and costs? Will your heirs and surviving shareholders work together harmoniously? Do you have competent successor management in whom your creditors and clients have faith? Will your heirs even wish to continue your business?

Most business owners fail to plan when it comes to Succession Planning. Those that do have a plan many times fail to fund the plan. The vast majority of business owners would like to see their businesses succeed them but have not taken the steps necessary to make it a reality. A "no" or "I'm not sure" answer to any one of the above questions indicates that you may need to consider some type of business continuation plan. Through a Buy/Sell Agreement or by incorporating succession planning into our Leveraged Business Solutions© program, we can provide the funding mechanism necessary to complete the financial process of succession planning.

Most succession planning solutions are very affordable and easy to implement.

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