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MDPA Plans

Mitchell Capital Group offers a unique solution to business clients. Over the years we have found that most business owners have two common concerns.

1.) How to provide additional retirement income for themselves.

2.) How to preserve and protect the future growth and earnings of their company.

Through our MDPA Plans© program we are able to provide a turnkey solution to both concerns.

Mitchell Capital Group has helped hundreds of business owners through the process of structuring a client specific solution and has become one of the leading providers of such programs.

By leveraging the assets of the business we are able to design a tax-advantaged plan that can provide additional retirement income and help fund estate planning needs.

This part of the planning can be designed around any one goal or concern of the business owner. Additionally, this type of planning is not subject to the typical contribution restrictions associated with normal employer/employee benefit packages.

In addition, depending on your state of residence, there may also be a level of asset protection afforded by the planning. Our typical client who seeks to supplement their retirement income while at the same time preserving their business assets include Physicians, Clinics, Engineers and other at-risk professions.

Please contact us to learn how Mitchell Capital Group can help you preserve and protect your financial future.