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Business Current Policy Review

Do you insure your business' physical assets against fire or theft? Then doesn't it also make sense to cover your most valuable asset ... your key people? A key person is the employee who is responsible for a large part of business profits. This person would be difficult to replace, and his or her loss would be far more damaging than any fire or theft. There may be lost revenue, lost management skills, lost marketing opportunities, or lost financing. There are ways to protect your business from the premature death or loss of a key person.

A service Mitchell Capital Group is excited to offer is the Needs Analysis, which is designed to help you realize where your needs lie. Many of our current clients have already taken advantage of this service and have appreciated how it has helped them plan for the future.

Our Needs Analysis services are designed to help successful business owners coordinate their life insurance, business interests, and other assets in their estates—with particular attention to possible tax savings.

Please contact us to learn how Mitchell Capital Group can help you preserve and protect your financial future.