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Retirement Planning

Mitchell Capital Group has a long history of focusing on the clients need to preserve and protect their retirement income. While each client’s needs are different there are some basics that hold true for everyone. When you think about retirement income, have you ever considered what will happen if you live to long? When asked this question many of our new clients don’t have an answer. Fortunately, we do. Through a series of fact finding questions and discussions we can help you prepare for just such an event.

Many of our clients have 401K’s, IRA’s and other assets that will seemingly provide a comfortable amount of retirement income. However, many times we find those assets aren’t designed to provide income the client can’t out live. Their principle amounts may also be subject to the ups and downs of the markets. If you happen to retire when the markets are declining you’re forced to drawdown your retirement nest egg at lower prices. This will obviously effect how long your retirement income lasts.

We help our clients construct a retirement plan that anticipates the longevity of both the client and their retirement funds.

  Please contact us to learn how Mitchell Capital Group can help you preserve and protect your financial future.